Preaching from the Whole Bible, by Bo Giertz

This little volume, recently republished by Lutheran Legacy Publishing, is a delightful resource for churches and pastors that use the historic lectionary. It’s 141 pages, and costs only $15.

There are two pages on each Sunday of the Church Year. In it he takes a doctrine that the Sunday proclaims, has 20-30 Scripture references in the margin, and then has 4-5 paragraphs on the doctrine based on the text for the Sunday. The Scripture references are invaluable, as they draw the reader/hearer/preacher into the whole of the Scriptures for each given Sunday.

For anyone who preaches, this volume is a wonderful addition and useful tool. For anyone who listens to preaching, this will deepen preparation for the divine service, and receiving what our Lord would give to us in the proclamation of his word.

Available from the Concordia Theological Seminary bookstore.

-Lutheran Logomaniac

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  1. Those who like this volume will also enjoy, “Then Fell the Lord’s Fire” by Bo Giertz, available through Magdeburg Press. A great book of ordination sermons, and pastoral essays.

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