Task/Project/Time Management and the Pastor

I recently had the opportunity to gather together with a small group of DOXOLOGY alumni to discuss ways of improving the DOXOLOGY program, how to reach more pastors, and the like.  One of the topics which came to mind was the question of time management.  I thought y’all might appreciate some of my thoughts on […]


[This is my letter of referral for the DOXOLOGY program of Advanced Training in Pastoral Care. I would encourage all of you to learn more about the amazing work that this organization is doing. -P] September 23, 2009 To Whom It May Concern: “It is as if an angel was sitting and talking to us […]

DOXOLOGY Notes: Intersection of Psychotherapy and Pastoral Care

Randy Asburry did another dynamite post on Doxology. I’ve excerpted the beginning of it hear. Go. Read. Learn. Be fed. P DOXOLOGY Notes: Intersection of Psychotherapy and Pastoral Care: “In my last post I praised the recent DOXOLOGY retreat which I was privileged to attend. Beginning with this post, God willing, I want to give […]

From RAsburry's Res: Pastors, Get Thee to…

Randy Asburry has a nice post about the most recent Doxology study group, which completed in Illinois. His words echo my own, which I have blogged about previously. Please read and check it out: RAsburry’s Res: Pastors, Get Thee to…

Off to Doxology

I am off to the second part of my Doxology “Advanced Training in Pastoral Care.” This is, in my opinion, one of the best things going on in the Missouri Synod.  Enough saving organizations.  I want to learn how to be a better pastor and theologian.  God bless.  I’ll post if I’m able. -LL