Piepkorn on the three year lectionary

Weedon’s Blog: New Lutheran Quote of the Day: “I confess that I share the view of those that feel that world Lutheran ties are more important than American solidarity.  Quite apart from this, however, I have basic misgivings about the use of a three-year cycle of pericopes.  With the irregular attendance of many of our […]

Preaching from the Whole Bible, by Bo Giertz

This little volume, recently republished by Lutheran Legacy Publishing, is a delightful resource for churches and pastors that use the historic lectionary. It’s 141 pages, and costs only $15. There are two pages on each Sunday of the Church Year. In it he takes a doctrine that the Sunday proclaims, has 20-30 Scripture references in […]

New Blog on Historic Lectionary/Preaching

There’s a new blog in town. It is on the traditional one year lectionary, and has sermons, and will soon have helps and notes on the upcoming Sundays, and soon I expect will have a podcast. Check it out: Historic Lectionary -LL