Sexual Education in California: A View from Rocklin

I am a husband and father of four here in Rocklin. One of our daughters just graduated from Rocklin High School, another is at RHS, and two more will be there in the next several years. In addition, I serve as the senior pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Rocklin, where we have been […]

Ordination Sermon for Rev. Troy W. Peperkorn (July 6, 2014)

4th Sunday after Pentecost, (July 6, 2014) St. John Lutheran Church, Reinbeck, Iowa Rev. Todd A. Peperkorn, STM (Luke 24:44–49, Romans 10:14–17) The Ordination of Rev. Troy W. Peperkorn TITLE: “I Will Be With You” Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen. Our text for today is […]

Eight Years

+ Susan Marie (Troy) Peperkorn + 1947-2005 I remember getting the phone call the night my mom died eight years ago.  I assume is was from my father, although I honestly don’t remember for sure.  I was on my way to the airport at the time.  He had called a couple hours before to say […]

Christmas Pastor Widows

Every Chirstmastide I am struck by how much I “check out” during the month of December.  It seems like once Thanksgiving sets in, I am just not there for my family.  Some Advent and Christmastides are better than others, of course, but it is always true. All of which makes me more and more amazed […]


[This is my letter of referral for the DOXOLOGY program of Advanced Training in Pastoral Care. I would encourage all of you to learn more about the amazing work that this organization is doing. -P] September 23, 2009 To Whom It May Concern: “It is as if an angel was sitting and talking to us […]