He Restores My Soul

I just finished reading He Restores My Soul. This book is a series of essays by twelve women, and a pastoral response from Rev. Rick Stuckwisch. The book in many ways is both exhausting and liberating. It is exhausting, because of the vulnerability and courage shown by these women. They each have their own voice. […]

My Light and My Salvation: A Review

My Light and My Salvation by Kurt E. Reinhardt My rating: 4 of 5 stars This little volume by Pastor Kurt E. Reinhardt is a real treasure. Like nearly every volume of poetry I’ve ever read, the quality varies from page to page, but in this one, the quality is consistently quite good. The book […]

Review of the ELCA study bible

Lutheran Study Bible by Augsburg Fortress My rating: 1 of 5 stars I bought this book because it has the potential to be used by my parishioners (I am an LCMS pastor). There are some physical elements to it that I like. It is easy to read, quality paper. I like the outside margin comments […]

The Lutheran Confessions – Pocket Edition a.k.a. "Baby Concordia"

Recently Rev. Paul McCain announced the “birth” of Baby Concordia, the Pocket Edition of the Lutheran Confessions.  Being a hopeless bibliophile, especially on editions of the Book of Concord, I ordered one right away. Here it is: My initial reactions are very positive.  It’s roughly the same size as my old pocket edition of Lutheran […]