The Saccharine Jesus

I just finished reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It’s been a long time since I read it, if ever. The premise is a world of mostly self-imposed censorship, because people simply no longer desired to read and to think. it’s also a commentary on the passive nature of television and other audio media. This […]

My Favorite Things

In the vein of the Sound of Music, here are a few of my favorite things: Preaching the Gospel Singing “I Bind Unto Myself Today” at church and the congregation not freaking out My kids My wife A liturgical service that just flows the way God intended it. Trumpets Teaching bible class Reading Books, either […]

Preaching from the Whole Bible, by Bo Giertz

This little volume, recently republished by Lutheran Legacy Publishing, is a delightful resource for churches and pastors that use the historic lectionary. It’s 141 pages, and costs only $15. There are two pages on each Sunday of the Church Year. In it he takes a doctrine that the Sunday proclaims, has 20-30 Scripture references in […]

Resetting the Stories of the Bible

I recently ran across a post about how there is a graphic novel series that is retelling the stories of the Bible in a futuristic, man vs. machine world. The series, Mecha Manga Bible Heroes, is beginning with the retelling of David and Goliath. Now I have a couple observations and concerns about this. First […]

Movies: Are they Really Devil Spawn?

There’s no doubt about it: movies are here to stay. (I know, brilliant revelation.) Should Christians be free to see any movie they want to, even if it extols sin in its various forms (murder, adultery, fornication, gossip, theft, and the like)? Here are a few thoughts from a chronic moviegoer who happens to also […]