Today is the fourth anniversary of the death of our unborn daughter, Nadia.  It was a period in our life as a family that was particularly difficult.  My uncle had died a few months before, and my mother would die six weeks later.  One cannot really compare one grief to another, but this death was […]

Bush protects the unborn

I would never claim to be a big fan of President Bush. But this is just right. Thank you. Protests Over a Rule to Protect Health Providers – “” (Via The NY Times.)

In Mourning

I had a friend remind me that God is in control, the sun still came up this morning, and that Christ is still Lord of the Church.  All of which is true, and for which I am deeply thankful. But I am still in mourning.  I have friends and classmates who are excited about Senator […]

The Sign We Were Told to Take Down

Our congregation has been a polling station for several years now.  It is a good thing to encourage citizens to vote and to support our government and its regular processes.  One of the many blessings of our nation is the relatively peaceful process by which we handle elections.  Community and civic centers around the country […]