Bible Study on Confirmation and First Communion

You will find attached here a PDF file with the bible study I am using currently for teaching about confirmation and first communion in my congregation. I would welcome any of your thoughts on the subject, as this is an important one for the Lutheran Church.

Confirmation and First Communion in the Lutheran Church

2 thoughts on “Bible Study on Confirmation and First Communion

  1. Not having red your Bible study yet, I am still of the opinion that lowering the age of first communion is a good thing; separating confirmation and first communion: not a good thing. Confirmation is our Church’s standard Rite of First Communion, our way of formally receiving catechumens into our communion fellowship. Take this away from the Rite of Confirmation and now it is a REALLY empty ritual. Now it is a “graduation.” Admit your children to the altar at whatever age you want…and call it “Confirmation.” And then continue instructing them throughout their childhood. But I’ll read your Bible Study. Maybe you’ll change my mind. I tried the first communion, then Confirmation route and after the girl was admitted to the altar, I saw no point in an additional rite. It would have been superfluous. So I never did anything. (of course it made her parents and grand parents mad.)

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