Bible Study on Confirmation and First Communion

You will find attached here a PDF file with the bible study I am using currently for teaching about confirmation and first communion in my congregation. I would welcome any of your thoughts on the subject, as this is an important one for the Lutheran Church. Confirmation and First Communion in the Lutheran Church

Proposed Pastoral Practice regarding Confirmation and First Communion

[The following is a proposal that I have been making to our board of elders regarding the practice of confirmation and first communion here at Messiah. I would welcome your comments and suggestions. -LL] A Proposed Practice Regarding First Communion and Confirmation of children at Messiah Lutheran Church By Pastor Todd A. Peperkorn December 18, […]

Catechesis and First Communion Redux

My friend and colleague, Rev. Dr. D. Richard Stuckwisch, wrote a post about a month ago that really deserves further consideration.  I would commend his thoughts to you on catechesis and early communion.  They largely echo my own: Catechesis and First communion Redux