In Honor of Gottesblog

This past week my colleague in office, Rev. John Berg, and I made our regular pilgrimage to T.H. Stempers in Milwaukee. For those of you unfamiliar, this is like a candy store (beerhall?) for confessional Lutherans. It is a Roman Catholic supply store run by seven brothers and their mother. They have great service, good prices, and are just wonderful to work with. I can’t recommend them enough.

Anyway, the most enjoyable part of Stempers is always their consignment room. This is where they take in things, mostly from Roman parishes, that the churches want to sell because they are upgrading, renovating, etc. Oftentimes it is pre-Vatican II appointments that are being, uh, modernized. Crucifixes, artwork, thuribles, you name it. It’s beautiful, and great fun.

On this trip they seemed to have a run on tabernacles. It reminded me of the ongoing conversation over at Gottesblog regarding the reservation of the hosts, the use of tabernacles, etc. So in honor of the Gottesdienst editor, here are a few pictures from Stempers:




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