Caring for our Lord’s Body and Blood

I am giving a presentation tomorrow (Saturday) at an elder’s retreat hosted by Grace Lutheran Church in Racine, and attended by the elders of Grace (and their pastors) and yours truly along with a couple of my elders.  Pastor Tom Chryst from Grace  has asked me to give a presentation of the care and practices […]

The Presence, by Berthold von Schenk

This book, listed above, isa rather interesting book written if I recall in 1945.  Berthold von Shenk is often cited and considered one of the fathers of the liturgical movement in the LCMS.  He is without a doubt one of the more interesting characters, that’s for sure.   Rev. Paul Sauer did a nice job with […]

Renata's First Communion

Yesterday was a wonderful day at Messiah Lutheran Church here in Kenosha! We had five of our young members, grades 2-5, who received First Communion. Here’s a couple pictures: I’ll try and write about it more, but it was a great day and worth much rejoicing! -LL

On Pastoral Examinations of First Communion Candidates

This past month has really convinced me of the benefit of pastoral examinations of catechumens. I’ve always avoided it in a formal setting, because I don’t want to contribute to the “pass the test and graduate” mindset. However, exercising pastoral care by teaching children to confess the faith is a great and mighty gift, and […]