Renata's First Communion

Yesterday was a wonderful day at Messiah Lutheran Church here in Kenosha! We had five of our young members, grades 2-5, who received First Communion. Here’s a couple pictures: I’ll try and write about it more, but it was a great day and worth much rejoicing! -LL

Why Commune Younger than Eighth Grade?

Why Commune Younger than Eighth Grade? From the Messiah Messenger, April 2009 By Pastor Todd A. Peperkorn Our congregation is in the process of separating first communion from confirmation, so that while they may be done at the same time, they are not necessarily going to be done at the same time. This move is […]

In Honor of Gottesblog

This past week my colleague in office, Rev. John Berg, and I made our regular pilgrimage to T.H. Stempers in Milwaukee. For those of you unfamiliar, this is like a candy store (beerhall?) for confessional Lutherans. It is a Roman Catholic supply store run by seven brothers and their mother. They have great service, good […]