Perspective: Convention Day Three (Monday)

Today we got down to work. Anytime there is a convention, it takes a few days for the delegates to really get their feet wet. Figuring out motions, amendments, just how things really work and why. But the problem is, while the delegates are figuring all this out, the resolutions are getting passed. Every convention I have attended (this is number four), the spirit of the convention is very trusting of the floor committees at the beginning, and much less so by the end. By the end, they have learned how to read for unintended consequences. It should come as no surprise here that there were resolutions passed today which I did not agree with, particularly 8-08A. But, and this is really, really important, I do not believe there was any false doctrine. My disliking a structural decision is not a sign of the apocalypse.

Perspective, my friends. Perspective. The bright spot today was Ted Kober’s presentation on forgiveness. While it may not have been quite how I would have done it, he held up the forgiveness of sins and objective justification quite well, and that is to be commended. tomorrow is a new day in Christ. The Church is His bride, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. Sleep well. Rev. Todd Peperkorn
Pastoral Delegate, Circuit 26
South Wisconsin District

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4 thoughts on “Perspective: Convention Day Three (Monday)

  1. Pastor Peperkorn, thank you so much for your work in Houston.

    As I was watching some of the proceedings over the last couple of days, I couldn't help but think of Ted Kober. I had seen his work at the Model Theological Conference on Worship. I fear his message of forgiveness and reconciliation is significantly harmed by the method of debate which squelched the voice of the convention. All of those PRO votes, and nobody speaking PRO in the debate, so therefore not many CON people got their say. It was as if everything had been decided before the convention. It grieved me.

  2. Rev. Peperkorn and Dan,

    I thought that Rev. Bender’s comments concerning the 51/49% voting to pass resolutions does not foster consensus but actually further divides the synod. He mentioned that if this happened at his church’s Voters’ Assembly that he would ask to table the motion and build more consensus. What do you think of this?

    Rev. Olson

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