The Presence, by Berthold von Schenk

This book, listed above, isa rather interesting book written if I recall in 1945.  Berthold von Shenk is often cited and considered one of the fathers of the liturgical movement in the LCMS.  He is without a doubt one of the more interesting characters, that’s for sure.   Rev. Paul Sauer did a nice job with a paper on von Schenk at the CTS Symposium a couple years ago.

Anyway, one of the benefits of my little corner of the world is that I have a wicked awesome coper/scanner thing, which allows me to scan big files into PDF format easily.  I have done so with this book.

So my question is, are any of you interested in having this book run through OCR so that it would be searchable?  Let me know.  Either way, I will be posting it shortly.








4 thoughts on “The Presence, by Berthold von Schenk

  1. Todd,

    “The Presence” is a wonderful book, and I’ve read through it a couple of times. I have my 2 copies of it thanks to my grandfather’s library that I inherited. I even used Part 4, Chapter 4: Our Saints as my sermon for All Saints last year…the people here loved hearing it and it deepened their appreciation for the Sacrament.


  2. I've heard of the book, but I've never seen it. When I hear of pastors' libraries up for grabs I always check for the work. So if you can get it out, I'd be interested.


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