Trinity 17 – The Humble God

This is my third foray into “writing” sermons using mindmapping. I am enjoying the process and it is helping to keep me on my toes right now. At some point here I think I will add a final step of actually writing it out. We’ll see.

Trinity 17 – The Humble God


2 thoughts on “Trinity 17 – The Humble God

  1. I enjoy the irony this parable brings out. Married to Christ we actually are the "center of the universe" -(phrase used in the sermon) -which allows us to gratefully accept the seats of lowest honor wherever we go. Distinctions between stations of honor are usually made by the needy.

  2. This is really cool looking Todd….I haven't listened to the sermon yet, but I love the map. Gotta get to work, but I'm coming back to this. Thanks for the creative idea.

    in Christ,

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