The Church of the Jedi?

Who knew there was a church of the Jedi? Apparently in both Wales and Scotland, there is a growing movement of people listing the teachings of the as their religion. It is also a growing movement in the United States.

What has always fascinated me about Star Wars and the whole Jedi mythology since the advent of the “new” Star Wars series (Episodes I-III), is this notion that the Sith believe in absolutes, while the Jedi believe in, uh, not absolutes. As Obi-Wan said in Episode III: “Only a Sith Deals in Absolutes”.

It is for that reason that the “religion” of the Jedi is probably most closely related to Hinduism. Many paths to god, peace and tranquility, meditation, etc.

I wonder what George Lucas thinks of this movement? Does he get a percentage of the offerings? Is he considered a demi-god, or just the Prophet?

All joking aside, it is tragic that formerly Christian countries (if one can use that term) like Wales and Scotland have fallen so far as to elevate a great movie series into a religion.

Kyrie eleison,

-Lutheran Logomaniac

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