One Thing that The Last Jedi Gets Right…

Well, having an article published about Star Wars may mean that my life is now complete. I’m a nerd, and most certainly a Star Wars nerd. I saw the original Star Wars in a theater in Aurora, Colorado, when I was six years old. I am oh so aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the […]

Revenge Movies: What is the Attraction?

Last night I watched Tombstone for about the hundredth time.  It’s a good movie.  Not a to-die-for fantastic movie, but a good movie.  Watching it reminded me once again of how much I love revenge movies.  Give me a revenge movie and I’m yours.  The list of revenge movies is a long one: Gladiator, Death […]

A Bunch of Movies

So my wife is on vacation with the kids down to SW Missouri to see her parents.  When she left, she gave me instructions to get my fill of “man movies”.  You know, shoot-em-up movies that girls only tolerate if it is followed by something with Meg Ryan in it?  Anyway, I have been trying […]

The Church of the Jedi?

Who knew there was a church of the Jedi? Apparently in both Wales and Scotland, there is a growing movement of people listing the teachings of the as their religion. It is also a growing movement in the United States. What has always fascinated me about Star Wars and the whole Jedi mythology since the […]