Christmas Pastor Widows


Every Chirstmastide I am struck by how much I “check out” during the month of December.  It seems like once Thanksgiving sets in, I am just not there for my family.  Some Advent and Christmastides are better than others, of course, but it is always true.

All of which makes me more and more amazed at my wife, Kathryn, and all pastor’s wives.  This is the most intensely family oriented season of the year, and I always feel like I am just gone.  I’m either physically gone, or mentally and emotionally gone.  On top of that, many pastor’s wives will have responsibilities with Sunday School, elementary schools, altar guild, choir, organ, and all of the many other things that happen during December.

I know that there are many vocations where one or the other of the spouses are gone during family seasons. Pastors are not unique in having a busy season of the year.   But this Christmastide, might I suggest that you give your pastor’s wife a hug (or maybe a gift certificate for a pedicure or something else) and tell her how much you appreciate the support she gives to her spouse?  They are worth far more than rubies and gold.


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  1. "On top of that, many pastor’s wives will have responsibilities…" Yes, mine works the jewelry counter at JCPenney so you could also talk about the Christmas orphans. My younger kids have grown up with both parents with little time to spend with them in Advent and in the Days of Christmas. They too need holiday hugs.

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