Introducing Lessons for Lambs

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I am very pleased to announce the newest addition to  Lessons for Lambs is a series of 65 bulletin inserts that follow all of the Sundays of the one-year lectionary.  They are two pages, designed to be folded in half as a little booklet.

Lessons for Lambs is the brain child of Heidi Sias, wife of Pastor John Sias at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Colstrip, Montana.  She has spent the last several years developing these bulletin inserts.  Here is her introduction to these little gems:

Lessons for Lambs is a children’s bulletin that follows the one-year historic lectionary. Lessons for Lambs is not meant to serve as a way to keep kids busy and quiet during the service, but rather to involve them in what’s going on in the service so they can begin thinking about it. The bulletins are geared toward kids in 2nd through 6th grades with varying degrees of independence. They could certainly be used with younger kids, in part, with help from their parents, and by older kids who still need a better theological foundation.

I have been field-testing these inserts for about two years now, and I can attest to their quality and age-appropriateness.  They are perfect for the elementary age student.  But be careful, even the adults might actually learn something from them!

By the way, we are offering these absolutely free.  You may download them all as a zip file, or download them individually.  If you find them of benefit and would like to help, you may want to consider donating via PayPal or some other means.

You may find the main page for Lessons for Lambs by clicking HERE.

God’s richest blessings to you in Christ, as we mourn our sins and look for the coming redemption in His blood.

Yours in Christ,

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  1. Fantastic! Can’t wait to use this resource. Thanks to those who produced it and to Todd for the heads up.

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