A Little Bible Study on Joy: Part One

This fall to start off our year I am teaching a bible class using President Matthew Harrison’s delightful work, A Little Book on Joy, as the basis.  This is a book that I continue to devour with much, uh, joy.  It has helped me immensely personally as a pastor and as a Christian, and lends itself very well to congregational study.

My approach to this is basically that I’m taking the study questions at the end of the chapters, tweaking them, and then adding graphics and other Scripture passages as it may be helpful.  I welcome anyone’s comments or criticisms.  You are free to use them as you see fit.  I only ask that you credit where you got it from, and actually try to buy copies of the book.

Also as a note, the YouTube video just zips through it quickly because it is showing the presentation.  There is no audio, etc.  Enjoy!

A Little Bible Study on Joy: Part One – in Keynote

A Little Bible Study on Joy: Part One – in Powerpoint

A Little Bible Study on Joy: Part One – in PDF

A Little Bible Study on Joy: Part One (YouTube)

7 thoughts on “A Little Bible Study on Joy: Part One

  1. Do you have the answers to the questions available or is it just in your head. If you do have answers, I would love to get them from you. There are a group of ladies from our church that are reading through it and we would like answers to the questions!

    1. Amy,
      I have a classmate from Ft. Wayne who happens to have the same last name as you. He's super smart. We had Prof. Pless at the sem, so he should know how to answer Pless questions. You should ask him. I'm sure it won't be hard for you to find him.

  2. I'd love it if you worked ahead… maybe, let's say, work on Chapter 16 before next Tuesday… and then Ch. 17 by 3 weeks from now, 18 a week later, 19 the Tuesday after that….


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