I make no bones about being an Accordance fan. I think the interface is great, and it is truly designed for Bible study, and not simply super glorified book reading or others purposes. If there are any Mac users out there who haven’t checked out Accordance, I would urge you to do so. IF you do, please mention my name…


Get the Word Out: Referral Rewards: “

We rely on personal recommendations to draw new users to Accordance, and we are grateful to everyone who, for sheer love of Accordance, encourages everyone within reach to get it for themselves. But some people are a little shy when it comes to recommending a product. Some teachers use Accordance to prepare their lessons, but never mention Accordance in the class. Some students get great marks for assignments done with Accordance, but never let on to their friends. You know who you are…

So here’s an incentive to Get the Word Out ? our new referral rewards program. For a limited time only we will reward you with a $10 credit on your account for every new user who orders at least an Introductory level from us and mentions your name. And you’ll get an extra $50 bonus if you recruit 10 new users: a total of $150 to spend on Accordance products.

This promotion will be good for the month of July, so we encourage you to spread the word. Since we are posting this in June, you will have a few days head start working on your rewards. Get started now!

Remember: the new user must mention your name when he/she places the order for Accordance at the Introductory level or above. Now is the time to Get the Word Out, and let everyone know the value of Accordance!

(Via Accordance Bible Software Blog.)

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