I make no bones about being an Accordance fan. I think the interface is great, and it is truly designed for Bible study, and not simply super glorified book reading or others purposes. If there are any Mac users out there who haven’t checked out Accordance, I would urge you to do so. IF you […]

Sample Accordance Lectionary workspace

I posted recently about using workspaces in Accordance or Libronix for sermon preparation. I use the historic lectionary, so that’s what I’m working on. One of the chief advantages of the one year lectionary is the ability to build and expand upon previous work. Here is my current Accordance workspace for Exaudi: You can see […]

The Historic Lectionary and Accordance, Libronix, etc.

I am a regular user of Accordance, from Oak Tree Software. It’s (imo) the premier bible and electronic book software for the Macintosh. One of the projects that I have going on right now, in an effort to focus more of my energy on the primary tasks of the pastor (preaching, administering the Sacraments, and […]