The Lutheran Study Bible (TLSB) Pre-Review


I’ve always been a Bible junkie. If you were to look at my bookshelves, you would find about twenty five different versions of the Bible, study bibles, kids bibles, pew bibles, in English, Greek, Hebrew, Spanish, Latin, German, and probably a few others. I think I have a Polish Bible around here somewhere. A part of my interest is that I simply love the Scriptures. A part of it is that I love books. But maybe the biggest interest for me as a pastor is that translations and study bibles really teach a great deal about what the makes of the bible believe. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, and each one is a great way to learn from the source what a particular church body believes and confesses.

This is why I am so excited about The Lutheran Study Bible.

For the first time ever in English, there will be a study bible that teaches what the Scriptures hold to be true and as we confess them as Lutherans. It is also written for laity, and had hundreds and hundreds of different people view its work. This project is truly ecumenical, finding the best scholars and teachers that confessional Lutheranism has to offer, from the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, all the way to South America.

The Lutheran Study Bible (TLSB) will be roughly the same size as the older Concordia Self-Study Bible (CSSB), but will offer several significant improvements over the CSSB. First, the CSSB was really a rewrite of the NIV Study Bible, and many of the notes reflect a Reformed or non-Lutheran perspective, particularly when it comes to the Sacraments. Second, TLSB utilizes much of the scholarship available in the last 30 years to bring insights into what God’s Word teaches. Third, it uses the English Standard Version, which is a far superior translation to the NIV. Finally and most importantly, TLSB holds up Jesus Christ in every page, and gives the readers a deep appreciation for Jesus’ death and resurrection.

I’m very excited about this book coming out. It won’t be available for a few months yet, but we will be able to lock in better prices if we do it via pre-ordering. Some of my suggestions for this bible include:

Christmas gifts
Confirmation and/or First Communion
Home bible study
Academy families
Sunday morning bible study

Those are just a few thoughts on its benefits and uses. There is a signup sheet with versions and prices that range from $35-$80. There is also a sample booklet available in each member’s mailbox, with a few extra copies as well.

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