The Lutheran Study Bible (TLSB) Pre-Order Form

My congregation has a wonderful Book of the Month club where we order books for the church and discuss them. We’ve done it for lots of different books, many of which are the wonderful books that Concordia Publishing House has put out over the last several years.

As are many pastors, I am really looking forward to The Lutheran Study Bible coming out in October. The TLSB samplers are in the mail to most congregations right now, and more will be coming soon.

But I’m impatient.

So, we are doing TLSB as our Book of the Month for May, and I have created a pre-order form. It doesn’t have every option, but it has several of them. I put this forward for your use until CPH has their official order form setup. It is available in PDF, Word & RTF format. The files are rather large, because they include the CPH TLSB graphic in them.



TLSB Order Form in PDF

TLSB Order Form in WORD

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