What to look for in a church

Article below by Philip Yancey points to several things that are worth our consideration. He lists three things to look for in a church:

1. Diversity
2. Unity.
3. Mission

He has some good points that are worth considering. I think I would retool them in the following way:

1. Catholicity
2. Theological Unity
3. Mission

The Church, in order to be the Church, is the place where the Holy Spirit calls, gathers, enlightens and sanctifies. That’s why we have the Church. In order for that to happen, there almost by definition must be a gathering of disparate groups of people from various walks of life. They must be called and gathered BY something (the Word), and then must be called and gathered FOR something. They are called by the Word, and that same Word in turn sends them out to gather more. It is a cycle. When the cycle breaks down, it is usually a sign that there is something wrong with #2.

What do you think? Does Yancey have a point? Does this work with our Lutheran theology?


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