My observations on the Fort Wayne Symposia

I got back from the CTS Fort Wayne 2009 Symposia yesterday, after getting a flat tire along the way. Despite that little mishap, it was a very enjoyable week. I hadn’t been back to Symposia for three years, since I got sick. So it was a welcome homecoming for me. And since this Symposia was […]

+Richard John Neuhaus+

First Things just reported that Richard John Neuhaus, longtime editor of First Things and former Missouri Synod Lutheran, died in Christ this morning.  As a former Missourian, he always had an interesting perspective for those of us within the fold.  While I hardly agreed with everything he said, I found him insightful and almost always […]

What to look for in a church

Article below by Philip Yancey points to several things that are worth our consideration. He lists three things to look for in a church: 1. Diversity 2. Unity. 3. Mission He has some good points that are worth considering. I think I would retool them in the following way: 1. Catholicity 2. Theological Unity 3. […]