In Mourning

I had a friend remind me that God is in control, the sun still came up this morning, and that Christ is still Lord of the Church.  All of which is true, and for which I am deeply thankful.

But I am still in mourning.  I have friends and classmates who are excited about Senator Obama’s election.  I am confident that I have parishioners who feel the same way.  There is a lot of talk about healing divisions.  I am certainly in favor of that, and will continue to pray for the blessing and well-being of our country.

But the facts still remain that Senator Obama is pro-abortion.  I don’t think that any amount of spinning and finessing can really get around that simple fact.  He is in favor of a woman’s right to choose to end the life of her unborn child.  My friend Pr. Esget brought up this salient quotation from the late Pope John Paul II:

When a parliamentary or social majority decrees that it is legal, at least under certain conditions, to kill unborn human life, is it not really making a “tyrannical” decision with regard to the weakest and most defenseless of human beings? … In the case of an intrinsically unjust law, such as a law permitting abortion or euthanasia, it is terefore never licit to obey it, or to take part in a a propaganda campaign in favour of such a law, or vote for it…. The moral gravity of procured abortion is apparent in all its truth if we recognize we are dealing with murder.

-John Paul II, The Gospel of Life

It is for that reason that I am in mourning.  Maybe things will be better in our nation.  Maybe divisions will be healed, the economy will improve, and the blessings that God has given us will continue unabated.  But I fear that they will do so on the rotting corpses of the most helpless in our society, our children.

A culture that thrives and expands while it murders it’s own children is corrupt and evil.

So don’t try and steal my mourning because God is in control.  I know he is in control, but it is good and right to mourn over the deaths of our children.  Furthermore, I think I would say it is sick and wrong not to mourn the death of our children.

God have mercy on us all.


2 thoughts on “In Mourning

  1. I could live with the socialism and liberal leanings of Obama if necessary, but the life issue is the proverbial straw. If it were just four years of wealth redistribution it would not be as mournful as the impact four years and judge appointments will have on the children who will never be allowed to live.

  2. “I have friends and [b]classmates[/b] who are excited about Senator Obama’s election.” [Emphasis added]

    That is another sad commentary on the doctrinal disarray in the Missouri Synod today.

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