Sample Accordance Lectionary workspace

I posted recently about using workspaces in Accordance or Libronix for sermon preparation. I use the historic lectionary, so that’s what I’m working on. One of the chief advantages of the one year lectionary is the ability to build and expand upon previous work. Here is my current Accordance workspace for Exaudi:

Workspace for Exaudi using Accordance Bible.

You can see that I have the ESV, NKJV and NA-27 open. In the Old Testament tab I have the BHS instead of NA-27. I also have the Book of Concord (Triglotta) open for the BOC reading for the week. In the bottom I have a user note which includes citations, sermon notes, and other items of interest.

What do you think? Could any of you use this, or something like it? I would be interested in hearing from 3-year lectionary folks, if there is something similar.

Here is the file for Exaudi for Accordance:

Accordance workspace for Exaudi

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