Heirs of the Reformation: Treasures of the Singing Church

Imagine 45 of the greatest Lutheran hymns (okay, a few straight choir selections) from the 17th century, done by well trained musicians, with great instruments.  Now imagine it done in English, with mostly LSB hymn translations.  Now imagine a great booklet describing each piece. That is Heirs of the Reformation. This collection is really incredible.  […]

The Shack: A Lutheran Review

The Shack by William P. Young My review rating: 3 of 5 stars It is frankly unusual for me to like a bestseller that is a religious book. Most of the religious books out there are hype and non-sense, and are quite anti-Christian. I haven’t decided about this one yet. My initial read was that […]

To Live with Christ, by Bo Giertz

This “little” (829 pages) book is fantastic! It is a daily devotion book based on the historic lectionary by one of the great lights of confessional Lutheranism in the 20th century, Bishop Bo Giertz. He is best known in our circles for his book, The Hammer of God, but he’s written many wonderful works, including […]

The Saccharine Jesus

I just finished reading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It’s been a long time since I read it, if ever. The premise is a world of mostly self-imposed censorship, because people simply no longer desired to read and to think. it’s also a commentary on the passive nature of television and other audio media. This […]

Preaching from the Whole Bible, by Bo Giertz

This little volume, recently republished by Lutheran Legacy Publishing, is a delightful resource for churches and pastors that use the historic lectionary. It’s 141 pages, and costs only $15. There are two pages on each Sunday of the Church Year. In it he takes a doctrine that the Sunday proclaims, has 20-30 Scripture references in […]