The Peanut Gallery

When I first moved to Wisconsin, there was a small group of women whom I lovingly called “the peanut gallery.” In their 70s and early 80s at the time, they were the ones who were at every event. They were the widows. Margaret, Dorothy, Jeannette, Trudy, perhaps a couple others whose names escape me. And […]

On Visits and My Mother

The last few weeks have been rather intense at my congregation. We have had a lot of people in the hospital, at least for our small-medium sized congregation. Surgeries, treatments for various types of cancer and other long-term diseases, really all kinds of things. I would say this is all typical, but there is nothing […]

On our Motivations for Good Works

On of my dear cyber-friends, Katie Schuermann, just posted a provocative and wonderful article about the question of adoption and her own motivations for desiring to adopt a child.  I would encourage you to read it. I will leave the fertility/infertility/adoption question for another time right now. But she brings up an extremely important point […]

The Blank Pastor

Blank. I don’t know what to say. I hear about all of the problems that people have, and all I have is…nothing. Their problems are so great. Their burdens are too much. I cannot bear them. I have no words. I am…blank…I am nothing. I am helpless to solve their problems. I am unable to […]

How Do I Speak to My Adult Children About Jesus?

[This is an article I wrote for our church newsletter.  I would welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. -Peperkorn] How Do I Speak to My Adult Children About Jesus? One of the questions that I am often asked as a pastor is how to speak to adult children about Jesus Christ and the […]