The Treasury of Daily Prayer: It's Time Has Come

Please, if you do anything on this fine Friday afternoon, go check out the Treasury of Daily Prayer.

I was priveledged to serve as one of the editors for this amazing volume.  My portion of the work was related to choosing Psalmody for each appointed day of the church year.  It follows the daily lectionary in LSB, and includes readings, psalms, prayers, Book of Concord selections, and meditations for each day of the year.

I, like so many other pastors, flit back and forth between various resources for the daily office.  I use The Daily Office by Lindemann, the Brotherhood Prayer Book, the Minister’s Prayer Book, Every Day Will I Bless Thee, and a number of other resources.  This volume, in my opinion, gathers many of the strength of these and other volumes, and puts them all into one package.  In addition, it includes the orders for the daily office from LSB.  It’s all in there, ready to go.

Go check it

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