Retinenda – The Lutheran Latin Podcast

I love Latin. I won’t make any claims to be good at it. I’ve had a year of Latin, where we went through Wheelock and then read the Augustana. I’ve worked at it off and on the past fifteen years. But the relationship between Latin and western culture is such that any student of the West simply must know it. This only begins to speak to it’s benefit to Christianity. It is hard to imagine there being Christianity apart from Latin. Maybe that’s why I’m fairly immune to the Eastern Orthodox bug.

Anyway, a friend recently pointed this GREAT site out to me:

Retinenda – The Lutheran Latin Podcast

Basically the author of the site is providing audio of Lutheran works in Latin. He is currently working on Meditationes Sacrae, by Johann Gerhard. I love the idea. He provides the text on the web site, then also does a podcast of hearing it in audio.

Bravo! I look forward to making use of this regularly

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