The Slippers

So yesterday morning I got to church and prepared for praying matins (morning prayer) with the students at Christ Lutheran Academy.  I do this at least 3 mornings a week, so this is a fairly regular occurrence to me.  I vested and got ready for the service.  As I said in church waiting for the children […]

Music Graced by God

Last night we had our Spring Recital at Christ Lutheran Academy. Each fall (winter) and spring we typically have a recital to showcase the wonderful musical talent that our student body possesses. In a school of 29 students in grades 1-8, we have 24 piano students, plus viola, guitar, and I don’t even know what […]

Is the identity of the penitent kept in confidence?

We have a classical Lutheran Academy connected to our church. One of the practices that we have is on Thursday afternoons, we offer private confession and absolution to the students and faculty. Been doing it for years, but I’ll tell you about that another time. This morning I had a first for me. I had […]

Retinenda – The Lutheran Latin Podcast

I love Latin. I won’t make any claims to be good at it. I’ve had a year of Latin, where we went through Wheelock and then read the Augustana. I’ve worked at it off and on the past fifteen years. But the relationship between Latin and western culture is such that any student of the […]