Lutheran Fiction Writers

In an effort to avoid working, I am trying to compile a list of fiction books written by Lutherans.  If you know of any and are interested in helping me compile this list, please go to:

 List of Lutheran Fiction Writers

This site (Lists of Bests) is a very interesting site, btw.  It allows you to compile and keep track of lists of just about anything.  Books, movies, etc.  It also has awards lists that are usful, e.g. the Pulitzer Prize list.


-Lutheran Logomaniac

One thought on “Lutheran Fiction Writers

  1. was browsing and came across you list of lutheran fiction writers; you might want to check out our website ‘’ which will then link you to our recent lutheran festival of writing; we had a great number of writers there, many award-winning, with excellent books. and we’re starting a lutheran writers book club this summer–
    paul shepherd

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