Piepkorn on the three year lectionary

Weedon’s Blog: New Lutheran Quote of the Day: “I confess that I share the view of those that feel that world Lutheran ties are more important than American solidarity.  Quite apart from this, however, I have basic misgivings about the use of a three-year cycle of pericopes.  With the irregular attendance of many of our […]

Cross+Words – A Lenten Preaching Seminar

Cross+Words A Lenten Preaching Seminar The Presentation of Our Lord and the Purification of Mary February 2, 2009 Hosted by Messiah Lutheran Church Kenosha, Wisconsin Cross + Words The holy apostles used several words to preach about the work of Jesus on the cross. Among them are “reconciliation,” “redemption,” “justification,” “covenant,” and “propitiation.” These words […]

When All Was Still…

and it was midnight, your almighty Word O Lord, descended from the royal throne! The Christ-Mass is ended.  The children are in bed.  All the presents are wrapped and under the tree.  The nog has been drunk.  The morning will bring two baptisms and the festival divine service.  It’s time for a long winter’s nap. […]