Why the LCMS can’t exercise church discipline

(Why groups like the ACELC aren’t helpful: Part Three) So let’s get to the point.  I am going to make a couple presumptions here from my reading of the ACELC, its documents and stated goals.  If I have misunderstood or misrepresented those goals, I will gladly receive correction. As I read the stated intents of […]

Why groups like the ACELC aren’t helpful: Part Two

In my last post on the topic, I posited that the multiplication of statements has not historically been helpful in the Missouri.  I would be delighted to be corrected, but I am hard pressed to find one example in our LCMS history that would point to an external group (which I will explain in a […]

Listen: Houston Day Two (Sunday, July 11)

This was the first real day of the convention, at least in terms of conducting business.  My first impression of the day was LOOOONG.  I got there at 7:45 a.m., and with an hour and a half for lunch, didn’t leave until 6 p.m.  But it wasn’t really the time that made it long. What […]