+Pastor Ted+

My predecessor here at Messiah died in Christ this morning.  Pastor Gundlach (as we formal Fort Wayne types would call him) or Pastor Ted as his flock called him, served here at Messiah for 21 years, from 1978-1999.  Prior to that, he served congregations in Oshkosh, Janesville, and briefly in Watertown.  Prior to that, he […]

My memory of Pastor Ness

I spend a lot of time with children in my daily work as a pastor. A lot of that comes from our congregation’s joint school, Christ Lutheran Academy. We also have a pre-school, Little Lambs Learning Center, and I have first communion/confirmation instruction for 4-7th grade. Plus I do things on the side for Higher […]

The pastor and the congregation

It is very good, from time to time, to reflect as a Church about the nature of who we are in Christ, and of where and how God works in our midst, giving us the forgiveness of sins, life and salvation. For Lutherans, we are very familiar and comfortable with phrases like “Word and Sacrament,” […]