The Slippers

So yesterday morning I got to church and prepared for praying matins (morning prayer) with the students at Christ Lutheran Academy.  I do this at least 3 mornings a week, so this is a fairly regular occurrence to me.  I vested and got ready for the service.  As I said in church waiting for the children […]

Piepkorn on the three year lectionary

Weedon’s Blog: New Lutheran Quote of the Day: “I confess that I share the view of those that feel that world Lutheran ties are more important than American solidarity.  Quite apart from this, however, I have basic misgivings about the use of a three-year cycle of pericopes.  With the irregular attendance of many of our […]

The Mass Will Not Stop…

Over at New Advent there is a story about a priest who wouldn’t stop the Mass even though someone died during the service. So is this extreme dedication or weird? Here is the rest of the story.  -Lutheran Logomaniac