The Crux of the Matter

I am very pleased to announce the release of a new project that my good buddy, Scott Stiegemeyer, and I are producing: This is a weekly podcast that is by pastors and for pastors. Obviously anyone can listen in, but our intention is to discuss matters of theology and pastoral care that are geared toward […]

On our Motivations for Good Works

On of my dear cyber-friends, Katie Schuermann, just posted a provocative and wonderful article about the question of adoption and her own motivations for desiring to adopt a child.  I would encourage you to read it. I will leave the fertility/infertility/adoption question for another time right now. But she brings up an extremely important point […]

My observations on the Fort Wayne Symposia

I got back from the CTS Fort Wayne 2009 Symposia yesterday, after getting a flat tire along the way. Despite that little mishap, it was a very enjoyable week. I hadn’t been back to Symposia for three years, since I got sick. So it was a welcome homecoming for me. And since this Symposia was […]