The Blank Pastor

Blank. I don’t know what to say. I hear about all of the problems that people have, and all I have is…nothing. Their problems are so great. Their burdens are too much. I cannot bear them. I have no words. I am…blank…I am nothing. I am helpless to solve their problems. I am unable to […]

Luther on Preaching

Wherever faith is not preached and is not given primary importance, wherever we do not begin by learning how we are united with Christ and become branches in Him, all the world concentrates only on its works.  On the other hand, wherever faith alone is taught, this leads to false Christians, who boast of their […]

Sermons/Notes for 2009 Lent Preaching Seminar

Here are some PDFs of the rest of the seminar: Teacher Notes on the Seminar Covenant Sermon Reconciliation Sermon Propitiation Sermon Hymn and Text Suggestions If anyone else gets any sermons or other notes written on this series, please let me know so I can post it! -LL

Pics, hymns and the like from 2009 Preaching Seminar

This past Monday our congregation hosted a Lent Preaching Seminar entitled “Cross+Words”. It was led by Rev. Paul Beisel. We had about a dozen guys, and a wonderful discussion of several words used in the New Testament to describe the atonement. Here are a couple pics: As a result of this fine work, I’ve also […]