Heirs of the Reformation: Treasures of the Singing Church

Imagine 45 of the greatest Lutheran hymns (okay, a few straight choir selections) from the 17th century, done by well trained musicians, with great instruments.  Now imagine it done in English, with mostly LSB hymn translations.  Now imagine a great booklet describing each piece. That is Heirs of the Reformation. This collection is really incredible.  […]

The Opera Summer

This has been a very different summer for me. For many of my summers over the past ten years, I spent it with Higher Things, either preparing for or recovering from our liturgical youth conferences. But this summer was dedicated to my wife’s endeavors. Opera ala Carte finished it’s fourth season this past weekend. I […]

Why I Love Opera

As I have posted about before, I am currently in my wife’s production of La Boheme.  I am playing Alcindoro, the old man that brings Musetta to dinner in Act II.  It is a great role, very funny, and has been a joy.  I did the role grudgingly, but now I’m very thankful to have […]

La bohème

So I am having my operatic debut in a few weeks.  My wife runs an opera company for high school and college students entitled Opera ala Carte.  It’s a fantastic program.  Of course, I am bias. Any who, so my wife, Kathryn has conscripted me to play Alcindoro in their production of La bohème. Alcindoro […]


I had an interesting conversation with one of my parishioners this past week.  I had a funeral, and as is typical I sang a couple hymns at the graveside for the committal (Lord, Let at Last Thine Angels Come, etc.).  My parishioner, who pretty much comes to church every week, commented afterwards, “Pastor, I know […]