Self-Teaching Encyclopedia on Folding Letters

So I ran across this book last night at a parishioners. They had picked it up at a garage sale or something. It’s an entire book on how to write business letters, circa the 1950s. Oh for a simpler time…   This is my favorite page:

The Face of Bach

I recently ran across this little article about how they have done a reconstruction of Bach’s face.   All other things being equal, I prefer the portrait we do have: -Lutheran Logomaniac

Knight Rider '08 – It's Just Not Right

So this morning as I drank my coffee while the kids were climbing all over me, I happened upon the Kenosha News article on the new Knight Rider movie that begins this Sunday. A two hour special, with all the hype would expect for a show on NBC. Knight Rider? You have got to be […]

From the mouths of kindergartners…

So this morning in catechesis the kindergartners had “open question” time.  Always dangers with kindergartners.  This morning was no different. One child asked “Why did the devil make mosquitos?”