Is the identity of the penitent kept in confidence?

We have a classical Lutheran Academy connected to our church. One of the practices that we have is on Thursday afternoons, we offer private confession and absolution to the students and faculty. Been doing it for years, but I’ll tell you about that another time. This morning I had a first for me. I had […]

Initial Thoughts on TDP and schools

I am been praying the TDP for a couple weeks now.  There are many others (see Stuckwisch & Weedon & Lehmann & Petersen in particular) who have posted and lauded its ease of use, all-in-one nature, and the like.  In my congregation we have sold I think fifteen copies thus far, and I expect that […]

From the mouths of kindergartners…

So this morning in catechesis the kindergartners had “open question” time.  Always dangers with kindergartners.  This morning was no different. One child asked “Why did the devil make mosquitos?”